Dominatrix school |

Dominatrix school

C class Dominatrix student: so how do we satisfy him after we pin him on top?

Meiko: simple just start by taking advantage of his pelvic, you can use certain things like tasers, heels ect, but before that you just slowly press his genitals.

B class Dominatrix student: what do we do after we got the job done?

Tasula: well.. if he wants more then just abuse him in lots of crazy ways. you hit his balls with your knees ,use weapons, leg submissions mostly everything if he`s willing to get turned on by almost anything that came by only females.

C class Dominatrix student: awe i want to cook his balls with a taser!

C.C: you have to be a A Class Dominatrix student and master the bullwhip to achieve those things.

Tasula: lol yeah that`s kinda it and the olny way if you to use spells and projectiles, sadly you have to be S Class Dominatrix student for that. btw C.C did the delivery man ship us our electric bullwhips?

C.C he did but before he did our D Class dominatrix students kidnapped him and locked him in the boiler basement. our package is still outside the gate.

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